Monday, June 4, 2012

Live Happy!

Wouldn't be great if we could all live as happy as the dog in that picture! The good news is that we can. Our God wants us to live happy and successful lives. We are the ones who get in the way. Freedom that comes from God through Christ should make us the happiest people on the planet. Unfortunately, that is often NOT the case. have you been to a church service where it looked like everyone present had swallowed a dill pickle sideways? I have! The thing is, it shouldn't be this way. As children of God we should LOVE being in worship. We should LOVE singing His praises. And we should LOVE being in the company of fellow believers. Way tool often, this is not the the way it is. Instead, we see people who are there to fulfill an "obligation" to God. They come to church, not to worship, but to appease God by their presence. That is not what God wants or expects from us. What God wants and expects is for us to JOYFULLY come into His presence and TRULY worship Him. We talked in church yesterday about "living as Jesus lived." Jesus had a lot of responsibilities while He was on earth, but that didn't keep Him from enjoying God and the people He interacted with. I believe Jesus laughed loud and often. He enjoyed spending time with others (even children!) and with God. We, too, should enjoy spending time with people and with God. We were created that way. We were made to be in fellowship with others. How can I be sure? The Bible tells us we were created in God's own image. God, who is in community with Himself--Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So if we are created in God's image (and we are) and if God is in community (and God is) then we too should be in community AND LIKE IT! So, the next time you head out to church make sure you check you frown at the door and instead enter with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. You'll be amazed at the difference you will experience in worship that day!