Friday, September 12, 2008

Why Do I Blog?

Well, maybe I should have written this earlier, but no time like the present! When I started this a couple of weeks ago, I had three major purposes in beginning a blog. The first reason was to “force” me to synthesize what I was reading and doing. It was a way for me to reflect on what I was reading and how it was affecting my view of ministry. The second reason is related to the first. I tend to read 3-5 books at a time (My wife would claim it is that I have ADD!) As I read them, I am never ceased to be amazed at how often the writings “fuse” differing concepts into a new understanding for me. How else can you explain a cookbook that helped me voice some of my ideas about the necessity of fusion in the church? In Seminary, as you read, there was always a precept group or a professor there to evaluate your conclusions (whether or not you wanted the input!) Now, as a solo pastor, there is very little of that interaction with others on the books you are reading. That leads me to the final reason for my blog. I was naïve enough to think that if I invited others to read my blog they would actually take a look at it! Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I felt I had such great things to say that I expected everyone to learn from me. What I hoped for was interaction similar to that in seminary. By that I mean, I was hoping that as friends, family, and colleagues read my blog, there would be a chance for me to further develop my ideas with the contribution of others. As I said earlier, I was naïve. So, I have modified my expectations. My first two purposes remain the same. As for the third purpose, it is still something that I would desire and hope for, but I realize that it may be more than I should expect. Therefore, whenever I do get someone to respond, I will consider it a blessing, but when there is not interaction, I will not be disappointed. After all, as Meatloaf sang, “Two out of three ain’t bad!”


Rosella said...

This will be the third attempt at leaving a comment. SO...if I have this much trouble leaving a comment, imagine how pathetic the comment will be!!
I have enjoyed your blogs, and would love to respond to them but don't think I am up to the intellectual responses you are used to having in Princeton.
However, never one to shirk from a challenge, I will make that attempt and if you get tired of it you can just let me know. Or you could change your address and forget to tell me.
We need to get more people on board reading it, Tim. So a spot in the INP Wed Communique would reach the pastors in INP. A mention in Duncan FAW would reach some others and the Newton Presbytery notice board would reach others in your profession. I think you need to be patient and get more people reading. The books you read are interesting and I don't have the time or eyes to read all of them, but some are familiar to me. Especially the "Becoming A Blessed Church". I found a lot of interesting things in that book that would challenge a conversation.
Keep it up. Good stuff there.

Amy Florence said...

I read, I just don't always have time for a written comment. Keep on spilling out your thoughts - at least you can read over them occasionally and have a dialogue with yourself.