Monday, September 12, 2016

We all need to be committed!

When I was in the process of becoming ordained in the PC(USA), one of the steps was a move form the Inquirer stage to the Candidate stage. At this time people were allowed to ask you various questions to help them discern whether or not you were truly headed on the right path. The first Question came from my own church's minister. Dr. John knew of my previous ministry in a non-denominational church so he asked, "Knowing what you do about the heartaches and pain of ministry, why would you want to put yourself through this again?" My answer was simple, I didn't WANT to, but God had made it obvious to me that that is where He wanted me. I told the assembled people there that I tried doing many other things, but God wasn't through with me in a pastoral position, so I was simply giving up fighting God and following His leading. Sometimes I feel that I need to be "committed" for making that choice! Well, since I am currently NOT in an facility because of my mental health, I guess I am right where God wants me at this time. Commitment that I will be talking about for the next four weeks is a different type of commitment. As children of God we are called to various areas of commitment in our lives. What areas? Come out on Sunday and find out!


Ginny Kiehn said...

Please post more often. Your "off-site" congregants look forward to it.

Rosella said...

Since I can't get there to hear the sermons, how about the audio on the website or facebook or here? Look forward to them.