Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pretty Cool

Yesterday I was pondering what to preach this coming Sunday. I had 3 sermon ideas running through my mind. The one that I planned to preach when I did my planning and outlining during my study leave and two others. It just so happens that my youth group lesson last night dealt with one of the other two topics. After I had finished the youth group lesson, one of my kids said, "you should preach about that sometime!" I guess I really didn't need a better "sign from God" as to which of the three seermons I am going to prepare and preach!

How often does God gives us these little "clues" and we simply miss them because we are to self-absorbed? And I don't just mean preachers. How many times does the Lord reveal to you something you should be doing through the interaction we have with others and we simply miss it?

The Holy Spirit is alive and well and we need to pay attention! As you go through this week, make sure that you are open to the leading of the Spirit. It will make all the difference!

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