Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain and Weeds

Well, we have had plenty of rain here in Stillwater for the last few weeks and the weeds are sure loving it! My garden is beginning to look like a jungle! I wish my vegetable plants grew half as fast as the weeds. It seems the more weeds I pull out of the garden, the more room there is for even more weeds.

Our lives are like that. Weeds come into our lives much easier than the fruit of the Spirit. If we truly want to see the fruit grow, we must not just take care of the weeds, but we must cultivate the fruit as well. Just as my tomato plants need fertilizer, pest control, and a way to keep the deer from eating them, so our Christan walk needs Bible study, prayer, and putting what we learn into practice in order for our fruit to grow.

Let us determine to spend as much time working on our spiritual fruit as we do our physical garden this year!

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