Thursday, November 5, 2009

Never Forget

Today, the news is about the USS New York, the ship whose bow was constructed with 7.5 tons from steel from the Twin Towers. the ship's motto is "Never Forget." I agree that we must never forget the tragedy of 9-11-2001. But to be honest, I believe that there is something much more important that we must never forget--the fact that the Son of God gave His life for each of us.

Jesus, God incarnate, came to earth with the sole purpose of redeeming the lost. His mission was carried out and completed when he was willing to sacrifice himself for us on the cross and rose again on the third day. Forty days later, Jesus gave us a mission to carry out, a mission that remains unfinished--to seek and save the lost.

As Christians we come around the Lord's Table to remember what God has done for us. It is time for us to take that memory and let it prompt us to the service the Lord calls each of us to complete. "Never Forget" should be each Christian's motto as well. we must never forget what God has done for us AND what God commands us to do!

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