Monday, November 2, 2009

Learning to Co-exist

Well, it's official, Calvin will be staying with Kizzy and me for a while. It is just too much for Amy to give him the time he needs and do 30+ hours of Field education while a full time student. I am not sure how she can do it without Calvin!

Kizzy and Calvin are learning to co-exist. It isn't as easy as it was a few weeks ago. Calvin is a little bigger, bolder, and ornery! Kizzy is constantly making sure that Calvin is not "taking her stuff" while at the same time trying to take Calvin's stuff! And it isn't just Kizzy, Calvin is doing the same. As for me, I am adjusting to the extra care that Calvin needs and trying to get him on "my" schedule. It is an adjustment for all of us.

It is very similar to when new people come and get involved in the local church. The people who have been around the longest feel threatened by new people and the new people sometimes feel threatened by the "old guard." Just as Kizzy and Calvin need to continue to learn how to live together in peace and harmony, congregations have to learn to live together. This is the fusion that I often talk about. New ideas may come with new people and they need to be given a chance to be put into practice while making sure the "tried and true" is not abandoned in the process.

One of the biggest problems for Calvin and Kizzy is the food situation. Kizzy wants to eat the puppy food and Calvin wants to eat the puppy food AND Kizzy's food! In the church we need to make sure that those who are older in the faith don't get upset that the "newbies" are getting a special diet. Those who are new need the spiritual food that is good for them and those older in the faith new to move on to stronger spiritual food. It is simply the only way for us to do the work that God calls us to do.

So, let us all begin to work together to see the kingdom grow and set aside petty squabbles for the sake of the lost!

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