Wednesday, July 14, 2010

They Don't Look Like Presbyterians to Me!

While we laugh (or at least I hope we do!) at this video, there is something that bothers me a bit about it. is this how we are seen by the general public? Are we really still seen as the "frozen chosen?"

While we don't all have a praise band or contemporary service, we do all need to be willing to "lighten up" our worship services. We can do things "decently and in order" and still ENJOY worship! I guess what I am saying is that if we don't enjoy worship here on earth, how do we think we will feel about worship when it is for eternity? Worship is a time for us to praise God and to fully enjoy Him! Sadly, I have been to too many services where the enjoyment of God seems missing.

It is high time that we ALL begin to live out our salvation in ways that reflect our enjoyment of God! After all, we have a God that created camels (one hump or two?), giraffes, and the platypus; obviously God had fun while creating all of these, so He must have a great sense of humor and when we ignore this part of God, we are missing a big piece of who God really is.

So let us all begin to let our worship reflect that we want to GLORIFY God and ENJOY Him forever!


billsteck said...

Second try,
Back in the good ole days we were led by our youth up front singing/swinging/hand clapping/foot stomping spirituals every once in a while on Sunday morning. Not just one but three or more as the first one sets the tone, the next actually gets folks on-board. If you or Ginny don't have one, I'll try to get some ideas.

Pastor Stephanie said...

You should come to Washington!