Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Matt Ziesel's Touchdown Run

Matt Ziesel's Touchdown Run was something unexpected and special.

The Maryville Spoofhounds could have shut out the St. Joseph Cardinals 46-0 in last week's game. Instead, they let the other team score a touchdown.
They did nothing to stop freshman running back Matt Ziesel from running more than 60 yards to put the Cardinals on the scoreboard. Cardinals Coach Dan McCamey asked the Spoofhounds for their cooperation because Ziesel, 15, has Down syndrome and spent the entire season on the bench -- begging the coach to let him get some action on the field.

Hats off to both teams for showing classy levels of sportsmanship and compassion. The rival high schools are about 42 miles apart. Both are north of Kansas City near the Missouri/Kansas border.

The Cardinals still lost the game but won a lot more. (This info is from a Tom Henderson post).

Sportsmanship is getting harder to find every season and I believe that this is the type of story that deserves more attention. I agree with Mister Henderson, Hats off to both teams. wouldn't it wonderful is Christians treated the weaker brother or sister with the same type of compassion? Don't you think it is time to find out? I do!

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Amy Florence said...

How can that not bring a tear to your eye?