Monday, September 7, 2009

Puppy Sitting

Well, it has been a while since I last posted. I have been puppy sitting Amy's puppy while she was finishing her Exegesis Ordination Exam. I found out how spoiled I was with Kizzy. She is a dream to take care of--Calvin--not so much! Young puppies need constant attention. They are always tying to get into something! Even as they are being trainied, mistakes happen. The one up side is that they are so darn cute!

One of the things I learned while I was taking care of Calvin was how much help Kizzy was with the process. many times, when Calvin was "stepping out of line" Kizzy would jump in and take care of it! Kizzy knows the ropes and therefore she was doing her best to help Calvin as he adjusted to life in the Florence household.

That is a picture of the church. While the pastor has a lot to do in training young Christians, it is important for all members to do their part in "training" young Christians. That is done mainly through example and sometimes by simply talking to the new person. Now I don't mean that we are to "force" young Christians into any type of mold, but I do mean that there are times that they need to be instructed on what is the right way to act and to the right way to interact.

If the Church had a few more Kizzy's working in her midst, I believe it would be a better, happier place! If you are a mature Christian, make it your goal to mentor a new person ASAP! Mentoring is not just good for the one being mentored, it is good for the mentor as well. So, look around and get busy!


Rosella said...

It doesn't have to be new Christians that need help. Some of the long time Christians are spiritually immature and they need mentoring and guidance, too.. Good thinking and I love Kizzy and all the Kizzy's of the church.

Amy Florence said...

I was just thinking, "How am I going to manage taking care of Calvin in Princeton?" and then I read your post. Calvin IS a BIG handful and I really miss Kizzy's help. Unfortunately he is probably like many "new Christians" in that he doesn't particularly welcome just anyone's help. He doesn't seem to care for Sig right now. Hopefully that will change.