Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lenten Lesson March 28

Today's Scriptures: Daniel 3:14-30; John 8:31-42

Today we look at liberation. In Daniel, three men are cast into a fiery furnace by the most powerful king on earth and nothing could save them...nothing that is, except God. God rescues them.

In the John passage Jesus tells his listeners (and us!) that the Truth will set us free. Jesus also tells us in this gospel that He is the Way, the Life, and the TRUTH. It is Jesus who is the great liberator. Now Jesus' audience didn't feel like they needed any liberation because they were descendants of Abraham. They had a promise from God through Abraham that no political oppression could take away from them. Jesus lets them know that they are slaves to sin no matter who their father is. The people then claim that only God is their Father and Jesus simply replies that God can't possibly be their Father if they don't accept the One (Jesus) that God has sent to free them.

Jesus still liberates us today. It's not just that Jesus forgives our sins (even though He does that.) But Jesus down so much more, He offers us new values, new goals, new purpose, new energy in our life. We are no longer subject to earthly powers. He frees us form that. You see, we no longer live just our own life anymore, but His life, which will never end.

That doesn't make everything easy. We still have to struggle with our chains. But our struggle is not to achieve liberation, only to accept it. Jesus has chosen and saved us and therefore nothing can enslave us.

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