Monday, March 5, 2012

Lenten Lessons --Day 13

Today's Scriptures Daniel 9:4-10; Luke 6:36-38

The Scriptures for today both deal with retribution. Daniel points out that the sufferings of his people are because they have been inattentive to God. In the Luke passage, Jesus points out that we can't expect compassion and forgiveness from God if we aren't compassionate and forgiving ourselves. I we are generous in our loving, God will be generous with us. If we are not generous with our loving, God will treat us as we have treated others.

You see, it is our own actions that determines our ability to receive what God wants to give us. If we are forgiving, we won't be able to recognize forgiveness from the Lord. If we are cruel and judgmental toward others, God's generosity to us won't make sense. We probably won't even realize that it is there!

The Lenten change of heart is not an attempt to change God's heart. it is an attempt to change our own hearts so that we are able to receive what God wants us to have!

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