Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lenten Lessons -- Day 23

Today's Scriptures: Jeremiah 7:23-28; Luke 11:14-23

Jeremiah rebukes the people because they won't listen to God--Jesus deals with people who refuse to believe that His miracles are from God and instead say He is in a partnership with the Devil!

Most of us don't deliberately reject what God wants us to hear. As children of God, we strive to understand and respond to what the Lord tells us in His Word. But sometimes are attention level is not what it ought to be.

There are lots of distractions in this world: families, jobs, worries--even all the background noise that our culture provides for us. On top of all of that is the fear that if we pay too much attention to the Lord, we may hear Him saying things we might not want to hear; an invitation to be less dependent on what the world provides, a call to come to grips with the fact we aren't perfect, or a reminder that we have some more forgiveness to dole out.

This is why we pray. More than just words, prayer is a quiet attentiveness to the Lord. It is where we let God in our lives to work through us. A renewed sense of the necessity of prayer is a big part of the Lenten discipline. God is speaking--are you listening?

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