Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Things happen!

Like the people watching the kite-flyer in the picture, that is how I felt recently at church! I had just finished the sermon and was taking "praises and thanksgivings" from the congregation when there was a flash of light outside and an accompanying sound that came through the sound system. It seems that one of the power lines running into a transformer just outside the window decided at that time to catch on fire and not only provide a sound and light show, but to also eliminate any power from the building! People were headed to the window to see what was going on. I didn't blame them! As it was, we were able to conclude the service and enjoy our fellowship time even with the lack of power. I did have one congregant tell me that my sermon did have him "see the light" for the first time! Things happen. We adjust. That is just how it is. In all of our lives there will be those times where interruptions happen. How we handle them says more about us that most things we will ever say. So, how are you at handling life little interruptions? Are you able to move on, or do you let them get you down? Let's all do our best to work though those hiccups in our plans and move on!


Ivette said...

That was a great sermon too! Talk about "Thanking the Lord" and then light that seemed like lightning.

Lock Smith said...

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