Monday, May 7, 2012


Yesterday was a big day in our household. Amy was ordained as a Teaching Elder (formerly Minister of Word and Sacrament) in the PC(USA). Ordination is a "setting apart" for ministry. for Amy, that means she can now preside over the Lord's Supper and administer Baptisms as well as conducting weddings. But, in reality, it is so much more. Before ordination, Amy (and all who choose this path in the PCUSA) must first go through a long process of discernment (personally, by her home churches Session, and the Committee on Preparation for Ministry.) The is also the process of going before the Presbytery--to move from Inquirer to Candidate and to move from Candidate to being approved to receive a call and be ordained. While all that is going on, Seminary is required (for a Masters of Divinity Degree)as well as passing five written ordination exams. As you can see, it is a long process that was finally completed with her actual ordination yesterday! I am so very proud of Amy. She has come a long way on her journey, but in reality, it is just beginning. There will be many highs and lows that come from being in the ministry. Amy is more than ready to face them all head on. Anyone who knows Amy, knows that she has the heart of a servant. What more can you ask of any minister? So, the next time you see her, feel free to congratulate her, but in the mean time, pray for her as she begins this great adventure!

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