Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Church Sign Theology

Amy gave me an interesting gift last Christmas. It is a page-a-day calendar of sayings from church signboards. As I look at these each day, sometimes I chuckle and sometimes I wonder what people who drive by that church must think! These pithy sayings are neat, but I think that they tend to lead those who drive by to think of the church as a place of pithy sayings and not a place of God!

Now I am not suggesting that we only put scripture on the signboard. What I am suggesting is that we don't live our lives like a church signboard--a short, pithy statement for any and every situation. We need to be deeper than that. We need to be more involved with people we come into contact than that. We need to genuinely interact with those people we meet.

My challenge to us all is simple--don't take the easy way out. Take time to genuinely listen to people. Take the time to know them and then take the time to respond to them in a loving, God-centered way. As Christians, we have a responsibility to take everyone seriously and answer their questions to the best of our ability. And remember, the Spirit is always there helping us to share the hope that is in us!

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