Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Lenten Season is upon us. Forty days to prepare for Easter. I want to invite you to use these forty days from Ash Wednesday to Easter as a time of discovery and decision making just as Jesus used His forty days in the Wilderness to prepare for His earthly ministry. Use this time to get to know God better and find out just how He wants you to be His loving child and faithful disciple. Like Jesus did, spend time every day in prayer and Bible study groups at the Church or attend Sunday School. Most assuredly, make sure you regularly and consistently worship God each Sunday with other followers on the journey, as well as spend time alone with God every day.

I urge you to remember why you “give something up” for Lent. You may give up coffee to remind you that God is your true pick me up. You give up Coke to remind you that God is the “real thing.” You give up watching TV so that you can spend more time in God’s Word. You see what I mean. Lent is not about what we give up, but what we add to our lives in preparation for Easter.

May the forty days of Lent be a challenging, yet wonderful experience for you as you use this time to draw closer to the One who made you and loves you!

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