Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl

Well, later today the Super Bowl will be played. I admit that I am looking forward to watching it with Amy (though that means traveling down to Princeton and missing my Sunday afternoon nap!) I find it rather amusing each year how people get so excited by the commercials that they forget that there is a football game on! In fact, there was a TV show on last night showing the "best" of Super Bowl commercials--and there were commercials during it!

Watching the Super Bowl for the commercials for a football fan is like going to worship to visit with friends and forgetting that the purpose of worship is WORSHIP! Through the years (and too many different churches I've attended to count) it has always bothered me when people really don't "get it." They are worried that it was "too cold" or "too hot;" or the music was "too loud" or "too soft;" or the preacher preached too long or too short; or, or get the picture. Something was not up to par (at least in their opinion!)

What I have learned is that worship is what YOU put in to it. Worship well, and the worship service is uplifting; worship poorly, and not even Peter or Paul's sermons would be inspiring. My challenge to you today is simple--go to church to WORSHIP. Do your best to praise God throughout the entire service. If you do that, I can guarantee you that you will encounter God--even if the choir sings a bit off-key and the preacher stumbles over his or her tongue. You see, worship isn't about what you "get," it is all about what you give!

Go in peace and serve the Lord!

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