Monday, March 16, 2009

Sad but True

In the congregation I serve, I have many people that are older and hearing has become an issue. Those who know me, know that I don't generally stay put behind the pulpit when I preach. Many have had problem hearing (I use a wireless mic, but it isn't of the best quality). Last week, I tried an experiment--preaching with no microphone at all. the results, they here me better than with the mic!

I know that I can "project" fairly well, but when I am easier to hear without the microphone it is a little embarrassing! The goal is to be heard, so until I can find the funds to get a decent microphone, I guess I will have to simply "speak up."

To me, this is a bit of a bigger lesson. We have more and more technology at our disposal. We are beginning to use more and more technology in our churches (and I am all for technology). However, sometimes technology isn't the answer, the personal touch is. We can send emails, have a blog and a website, but if we don't do the hard work of personal contact, we are simply a clanging gong. Emails may be sent in love, but to "feel" the love often needs more--it needs the personal touch that can only come through actual human contact.

So, as we look at ways to reach out to our neighbors, let us not scrap technology, but more importantly, let us not rely so much on technology that we scrap the personal contact! Who do you need to see this week?

P.S. On another Sad but True note, though it is hard for me to believe that I can be that old--Todd, my oldest turns 27 today! Happy Birthday Todd!

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Rosella said...

When I was a youngster, the preacher had to reach the back corner of the sanctuary and the balcony and the choir loft with just his voice. I don't remember when we began having mics. But I do know that when preaching comes from the gut (well, the diaphram) there is more fire and emphasis than that which comes through a mic. The mic means there is no reason to make the voice an instrument. I really like it when ministers speak out and put more feeling in their sermons, which they do when they depend on themselves to be heard. So keep preaching without the mic and use the technology someplace else. It is not a conversation your are having, rather a preaching!! Amen.