Wednesday, March 11, 2009

State of Fusion Report

It has been a while since I talked about fusion, and since this blog owes its name to my efforts at fusion in the church, I guess it is time to put it back on the table!

Over the last few months, I have witnessed the power of God working here in Stillwater. People have literally come out of nowhere to begin worshiping with us. This is both exciting and challenging! Exciting, because new people attending (in a small church where everyone knows your name!) means something is happening. Challenging, because we have many people now attending that have no idea what it means to be a Presbyterian or even what it means to be "Reformed."

The fusion of these new people with the long-time attenders is beginning. It has taken a little time for each group to warm up to each other, but it IS happening. New people are seeing the church with their "new" eyes and finding ways to make the building more attractive and functional. Eyesores and inconveniences that the long-time attenders ignored are being taken care of by the new attenders!

Fusion is not automatic. Fusion is sometimes difficult and draining. But, fusion is so worth it! I pray that every congregation would begin to look at ways to fuse people into the Body of Christ! Hard work, but, Oh so worth it!

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Rosella said...

That news is worth an "alleluia"!!