Friday, April 17, 2009

Almost Done!

If all goes well today, I will finish up my sermon planning through Easter of 2010! There is a great sense of accomplishment (and relief) at having come this far. I know that there will be changes to my current plan, but that is OK , too.

I will be preaching 11 weeks on Nehemiah, and 6 weeks on "ordinary people" (like Tabitha, Asa, and Stephen). There will of course be a Mother's Day and Father's Day sermon (though that really isn't very Reformed!) There is also the normal Advent sermons dealing with hope, peace, joy and love.

So, what is on tap for the rest of the year? I suggest you come to SPC some Sunday and find out!

May God bless your week with as much accomplishment as He has blessed mine!


Rosella said...

I'll be there!!

Amy Florence said...

rub it in Tim, rub it in. I should have been so productive...