Monday, April 27, 2009

Improper Use of Fusion

As this video (courtesy of BluefishTV) shows, there is most definitely a WRONG way to fuse your life and faith! Learning to be aware of those in our community that need our help is an important aspect of living out our faith. Helping the wrong people keeps us from being able to help the right people!

James tells us that when we see our brother (or sister) in need and fail to help them, we sin. We have a responsibility to share with those in need. Of course we want to share the gospel, but if the person is hungry or homeless, getting them help with their physical needs first allows us to live out our faith before we actually share that faith with them.

So, is there something you need to do? Is there someone in need (that you know of?) Now is the time to live out our faith and not just talk about it!

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