Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Made with Real Langostino Lobster"

Long John Silver's is offering lobster bites with "real LANGOSTINO lobster. The problem is that langostino lobster is not really lobster at all! According to Wikipedia:
Langostino is a Spanish word with different meanings in different areas. In America, it is commonly used in the restaurant trade to refer to the meat of the squat lobster, which is neither a true lobster nor a prawn. It is more closely related to porcelain crabs and hermit crabs. Crustaceans labeled as langostino are no more than 3 inches (7.6 centimetres) long, and weigh no more than 7 ounces (198 grams). Langostinos are not langoustes (spiny lobsters) despite a similar name (in Spanish, Lobster is called Langosta.) Also, Langostinos are sometimes confused with langoustines (Norway lobster), which is a true lobster common in European cuisine.

People are rushing in to LJS's to get a great price on 'lobster," but in reality, they are more like Crawdad bites! Most people simply hear the word lobster and think, "What a great deal!" To be honest, I haven't tried them (and they may be delicious) but I just hate the "deception" in the advertising.

It is a lot like people who claim to be "Christian" but don't bear any of the fruit of the Spirit. They claim the name, but are they really "Christian?" I am not trying to judge anyone in particular here. I am simply saying that it is time for those Christians who truly "walk the walk" to stand up and be recognized. Matthew 7 tells us that we will be recognized by our fruit. Maybe we can be recognized by our crustacean, too! Let us be lobsters and not langostino lobsters!

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Rosella said...

I have eaten langoustine and they taste out of this world and they are big . Much like a really good and true Christian, the real deal.