Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today begins an exciting few weeks for me. Sean (my youngest son) and a friend of his will be coming to Stillwater to visit for almost a week (then they will head further East as they explore the country). Then, on June 2nd, Rachel will get back in New Jersey and will have her Gran and Grand Dad with her! I look forward to getting to spend some time with the family.

We live in a day and age where most people move away from where they grew up (like me!) and families are becoming more and more spread out. While it is great to have families visit, it also reinforces the changes in our society. No longer are families of several generations living together in the same town (or even in the same state!) I believe this change (though I understand the reason for it) has hurt the family. Grandparents are no longer close to act as a "buffer" at times of strife. Kids are no longer close enough to help with elder care. While I understand the reasons for the change, I can't help but wish I was born fifty to seventy-five years earlier!

Because of this change, I believe it is high time the church began to "step in the gap." We should be able to find the family feeling and family help in our churches for those families that no longer live close together. After all, we ARE a family! I, for one. am going to do my best to make sure I act like a good father/son/sibling in this family we call church. How about you?

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Amy Florence said...

I wish my family wore name tags. You've been there a year and know them...I still only know a few names :-(