Friday, October 9, 2009


Over the last few weeks I have attended a Rural Ministry Conference at Columbia Theological Seminary and the Indian Summer pastor's retreat. Both were informative and interesting. At the RMC I was able to meet with 11 other men and women who serve rural congregations at various locations as far north as Ontario and as far west as Texas. I found that we all face very similar circumstances.

At the Indian Summer Retreat the focus was on time. As one who focuses more on "chrono" than "kairos" this was a great opportunity to practice "kairos." Kairos is more about the event than the time the event takes. One of the big things I will take from this year's Indian Summer is the necessity for promoting Kairos opportunities for my congregation.

How about you? are you so wrapped up in watching the clock that you miss the bigger opportunities? Let us all determine to allow ourselves the time to be open to the kairos moments that the Lord provides!

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