Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Well, today was the day. The weather cooperated and I walked my first labyrinth. I wasn't really sure what to expect or how I would react. I went with an open mind to see if this was a way that God would choose to communicate with me. As many people already know, silence is not one of my strong suits. Adding to the silence was walking the labyrinth--alone and without guidance. But I did it and I'm glad I did.

Now, I didn't find any great inspiration in my walk. I didn't have what many might call a mountaintop experience. But that doesn't mean I received no benefit from the 45 minutes I spent. As I entered, I was trying to block out distractions and focus. I have to admit, I didn't do a great job of that! The good news is that God had something for me anyway.

As I walked, one step after the other, content to follow the path as it made its many turns, I realized how much this is a metaphor for our walk with God. As we walk, sometimes we feel closer to Him than at other times (much like the many times I neared the inner part of the labyrinth before I was led back away from the center.) What the labyrinth reminded me was that as long as we put one foot in front of the other on God's path, we will eventually end up where He is leading us!

I may choose to walk the labyrinth again before I leave and maybe something else will b e triggered. If not, I will be content to know that as long as I let God lead, no matter how many twists and turns are in the path, I WILL make it to my proper destination!

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laura mitchell said...

Oh the labyrinth. It is a mystery just as our relationship and walk with the Lord will be mystery until our earthly life is over. Even if the only thing I experience in the labyrinth walk is 45 minutes of peace and quiet, that is gift enough. Being able to let go and just follow the winding path is so healing for me. I am so glad you had the opportunity this week to walk. Blessings to you Pastor Tim!