Thursday, April 26, 2012

Unforeseen Circumstances?

The picture above is funny. How can a psychic have an unforeseen circumstance? Maybe it is because the psychic isn't really a psychic! I find it very interesting that I never hear of a "psychic" winning a huge lottery prize. It seems to me that it would be something that they both could do and would want to do. The bottom line is that there is only one Person who knows what tomorrow (and the days after that) hold, and that is God. We live in troubled times, but that isn't new, there have been many troubled times in the history of mankind. The children of Israel give is a portrait of what can happen when we take our eyes off of the One who holds the future. Through the Old Testament we see them lose focus and God allows other cultures to come in and dominate them. When they realize their mistake, they return to God and He rescues them out of there situation. What about today? If God's people will listen to His voice and pray, don't you believe that He can still help us out of our situation? Of course He can! Christians, we need to get serious about what God is calling us to do, and do it. I have know idea how long the Lord may tarry before He returns, but I do know this--we are called to be faithful. It is time for ALL of us to stop whining about our circumstances (whatever they may be) and start praying. Let us return to the One who made us, loves us, died for us, and rose again to give us hope!

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