Monday, April 2, 2012

Lenten lesson April 2

Today's Scriptures: Isaiah 42:1-7; John 12:1-11

The Isaiah passage is one of the Suffering Servant Songs from Isaiah. From the earliest New Testament times, believers have seen Jesus as the embodiment of Isaiah's Servant of God. During these last days of Jesus' life the Church offers us the Servant Songs as kind of poetic meditation on the person and mission of Jesus.

In today's Song we hear that the Servant in endowed with the power of God. he will not be a revolution political leader, but will work quietly, with compassion for the weak, the sightless, the oppressed. His mission is to bring the justice of God to every part of God's creation.

That's how Christ has dealt with us. He has been patient with our weakness. He has given us a new kind of vision. He has brought us into a new Kingdom that stretches to all the earth and extends even into heaven.

Today we thank our heavenly Father for his Servant. Today we thank Jesus for his self-sacrificing faithfulness to His mission!

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