Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Read, Rest, and Plan!

Well, that is my goal for this week! I am at the Silver Bay YMCA camp on Lake George, in NY state. It is colder than I was planning, but rest is an indoor activity, so that part is ok. I have my kindle, so the reading works. But without Amy's help the planning part (as well as my health) might not have happened. I left my netbook at the house and while I could have probably struggled to use my iphone for my study (yes i have an app for that!), my medications were unfortunately in the case with the netbook! Amy was wonderful and got it shipped overnight to me and I received it around 9:30 this morning, so I was only about 13 hours late with my meds.

Now I can work on being productive. Along with sermon planning and lesson planning and some "how can we work together with that church in Andover" planning, I am also going to walk a labyrinth for the first time. I keep hoping for a warm, less-wet day, but if I have to, I'll just do it in the cold and rain! I taught a Lenten Lesson about labyrinths, so I am going to practice what I teach!

The setting here is so peaceful, that study and rest seem to go hand in hand. While I realize that my mind and my body need this time to recuperate, I still have to remind myself that I am here to rest as I tend to get caught up in wanting to "do" rather than to let God heal me.

While I realize that it may not be practical for everyone to take a full week to let God recharge them, I do know that God gave us a Sabbath for a reason. I encourage all who read this to make it a practice to find time each week to rest and just let God love them!


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