Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Are You Ready?

The weather forecast for our area calls for 6-8 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow followed by freezing rain that could accumulate up to an inch of ice! People are already stocking up for this next storm. I know that I went out to the garage to bring in some more logs for the fireplace just in case I lose electricity. In fact, because there seems to be many times that the electricity here is out, I have purchased two hurricane lamps! I find it a bit amusing that as far as we have come, sometimes "old" technology is better. All I will need to keep warm and to see will be a few matches to go with he lamps and fireplace.

As I was considering all this (about old technology being more stable than the new) I realized that this is also true in the church. There are many churches trying to reach out to the lost through technology (facebook, websites, and such things) and by changing "how" they worship (praise hymns for instance). Don't get me wrong, I am all for reaching out in new and inventive ways for the cause of Christ. I plan on getting a website up and running this spring myself.

My concern comes when the message is diluted by the presentation. No matter whether you have praise hymns or Bach, skits or 45 minute sermons, it must be Spirit led. Skits for the sake of skits and praise songs for the sake of praise songs is wrong. I like both and can see how they can enhance worship...but that is the key, they are a tool to enhance worship. If using them detracts from the worship and fails to bring people closer to God, they are not right for that situation. New is not always better, though often it is.

When we try new things, and they don't work, do we get discouraged and sit in the dark, or do we get out the kerosene lamps and continue to work? My point? Go ahead and try new things if God is calling you to do so, but remember, if the power goes out, there is always the "old" technology to rely on. God, through His Spirit, will never abandon His people.

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