Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Heat (again)

For the third time this year, I woke up with no heat. It is a shock to get out of bed to temperatures in the high 40's inside! This time the reason I was without heat was my own fault. I made the false assumption that when they came to fill the church's fuel oil tank, they came across the street to fill the manse. Nope! So without any fuel to burn, there was no heat in the house.

Sadly, that is how many people's Christian lives go. They don't keep fuel in their tank and then wonder why they are "without heat." Prayer, worship and Bible study are the fuel we need to keep our Christian lives going. When we fail to "fill up" on these are spiritual life suffers. It is at these times that we wonder where God has gone. People, God hasn't moved, we have!

If you are struggling in the cold and despair of a life that has lost its spiritual fervor, just go back to the basics. Read and study the Word of God, pray, and make sure you are at worship next Sunday. These are the fuels necessary for you to life the life that God has for you.

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