Thursday, January 1, 2009

Impossible, Difficult, Done!

Hudson Taylor once said there were three stages of God's work: Impossible, Difficult, and Done. We have great examples of this in the Bible. Noah who was given the task to build a great boat after the age of 500, yet he did what seemed to be an impossible task. It was difficult, but with God's help, he got it done.

Joshua had the unenviable task of following Moses as the leader of the Children of Israel. It is always hard to follow a legend, whether it is a spiritual leader or a great coach. Joshua's first task was to take the fortified city of Jericho. He was given the instructions by God and had to share those with the people of Israel. March around the city once each day with your army and the with the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant. Then on the seventh day, march around the city seven times, then have the priests blow their horns and the people shout and the walls will fall down. Can you imagine what the people must have thought? Probably something like, "Where is Moses when you need him!" The people did as the Lord had told Joshua and you know the results: Impossible, Difficult, Done!

Gideon, David, and so many more are examples of how God works. What seems impossible, may be difficult, but is eventually done. As you look at this new year, remember that the Lord may have what seems to you to be an impossible task. It isn't. Do as the Lord commands even though it may be difficult. When we do that, we will see the results. Want to have a Happy New Year? Remember the stages in Gods work, Impossible, Difficult, Done! and get busy!

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Rosella said...

That will definitely preach. Hope it is in your sermon book. Good thought to put on the wall for the new year. Happy New Year to all.