Thursday, December 11, 2008


When I got home from Bible Study last night, my furnace was not working. I checked the breakers, the kill switches and the thermostat and everything seemed OK. I even checked to make sure the filter was clean--it was. Well, since I did not want to bother anyone last night, I settled in for a chilly evening.

This morning when I got up, it was just 51 degrees in the house! I will tell you that this is a good way to get a quick shower and out the door to an office with heat! At 9 am I called our building and grounds person to ask if there was something I could do to make the furnace work (since I am not really familiar with oil furnaces.) He told me that there was a little red button to push and to try that. So, back over to the manse to find the "magic" button. It took a while, but when I found it and pushed it PRESTO, the furnace kicked in!

All of this sort of reminds me of some Christians that I have dealt with in the past. They look like they are doing everything right. They come to church and Sunday School, they give, they help out with projects, but they seem to be missing something. There is no joy in what they do. What they lack is "pushing the red button" of letting Christ's love rule their hearts.

We can do all the right things, but if we don't do them in, with, and through love, we will always miss out on the joy that is there for us. The Third week of Advent is all about joy. Don't you think it is time to let love bring the joy into our lives? Me, I now know where the button is and I, for one, will make sure to use it when I am "feeling cold!"

Grace, Peace, and WARMTH for you as we continue our time of Advent.

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Rosella said...

Sometimes the failure is as simple as neglecting to receive all of the instructions. That failure usually falls on the pastor, sunday school teacher, mentor..whoever should realize that people don't always know all the details. Sometimes we don't say to new people.."oh, in case of failure, push the red button"
Let's see, the answer to all questions is; Jesus? He is the big red button we often forget about. Teach on and stay warm.