Monday, December 29, 2008

Disaster Averted

Yesterday I wrote about the power surge at the Manse and wasn’t sure what the final results would be. The final tally looks like we lost an alarm clock, a TV, a modem, and a DISHtv network box. It could have been much worse. As it turned out, my laptop, external hard drive and printer were plugged into a ground plug that was burned out (saving everything plugged into it!)

It reminds me of how in our lives we sometimes have more than we can handle. Without help we would be overwhelmed. We would be “fried” just as surely as the appliances that didn’t have a surge suppressor on them. The good news is that as Christians we have a “surge suppressor” for those times of trouble—the Holy Spirit. When we are bombarded with more than we can handle, it is the Holy Spirit that steps in to protect us from the crushing problems that are besetting us. Instead of standing in our own power (and failing to survive) we are standing in the protective power of the Triune God.

The next time you feel that the world is beating you down, remember that you have a Protector, a Comforter, and God who loves you and seeks to shield you from the worst that the enemy has for you. Stand firm. Stand tall. We are overcomers because “the One who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world!”

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Rosella said...

I am so glad nothing more was damaged. I often forget that I am not in this world alone and that the surge-protector is there for the asking. Thanks for the reminder, we are never left on our own.