Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holding on to the Wrong Things

Recently, my wife Amy was fixing some items around the Manse as she worked on getting it ready for Christmas. There was a broken ornament and a chimney from a lighted courthouse that needed attention. She went to work with the superglue and soon everything was fixed! Unfortunately, there was a small problem, not only was everything fixed, but her thumb was now stuck to the superglue container.

Now when you get you skin superglued, it is not a pleasant experience. So I got on the internet to find out how to free Amy. The first article said to use fingernail polish with acetone. Unfortunately, Amy's nail polish remover did not have acetone. The good news was that one of our neighbors had the right kind of nail polish. The bad news was that it didn't work!

Back to the internet. The next article said that WD40 would work. I had some WD40 so we tried it and it worked, she was free!

Now I am not writing this to embarrass Amy. Things like this happen, and since I am the one who asked her to help, it was partially my fault she was in that situation. What I learned (again) from this experience is that even good things, when used inappropriately, can have bad results.

We live in an era where too many people are using good things in inappropriate ways and suffering the consequences. Sex within marriage relationship is great and a God-given expression of our love for one another. Sex outside of marriage is like the thumb stuck to the superglue container--there is a problem that only an outside agent (like WD40) can fix. Sports, jobs, family, and movies all have theirplace, but when they become more important than God, they are a problem.

The good news is that whatever mistakes you have made, they aren't a permanent. God is willing to forgive us for our failures. God has provided the WD40 to our Spiritual failures--Jesus. As we continue our Advent journey, let us all take the time to repent of our shortcomings and allow Jesus to restore us to the proper relationship with the Father. Then we can truly have a Merry Christmas!

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Amy Florence said...

The reason the super glue won was because I didn't read the directions. When I bought some more to fix some things down here in Princeton, I did read them and discovered that I was supposed to tighten the lid to break the seal on the tube. Instead I took the lid off and poked it with the tip (like you do on other products). That's when the super glue got on my thumb and caused the problem. Let that be a lesson - always read the directions!