Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And Then There Were Three

Somehow, in the space of three months, we have gone from a dog-less household to a household with three dogs! Yesterday, the final (and I mean it!) addition to the family was a 14 week old Papillon (Butterfly dog) puppy. This is "Amy's" dog. Calvin (the puppy) has been trying to adapt to a house with two bigger dogs. His way of "adapting" has been to growl and bark at them! He doesn't seem to understand that if they wanted to, they could easily have him for dinner!

That is sort of how we treat problems in our lives. We growl and act tough when we really ought to instead take the time to figure out the new situation and come to a peaceful solution. We get sick and we blame God. We get laid off and we blame God. We have troubles and we blame God. Isn't about time we instead began to praise God? Life is tough and in this economy it is going to get tougher. It is time to praise God for the blessings we do have and move on.

I am not saying that we need to ignore any troubles, but I am saying that we need to address them in a POSITIVE way and look at them as opportunities rather than problems. I was looking for a truck and when it seemed like everything was going all wrong (and every truck) I went to see suddenly became unavailable, it now looks as though I may be getting a truck (that needs some work) for free! God listened to my grumbling (though all the time He was telling me to be patient--I HATE this patience thing!) and when I was willing to wait on Him the solution was VERY evident.

So, make a vow today to quit grumbling and start praising--I have!

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Rosella said...

If you change 'may' to 'make', I am going to make a plaque of that and hang it on my wall. Oh, and I will make one for you, too.