Thursday, July 9, 2009

Slow Leak

Well, I went to look at a truck yesterday, but the A/C wasn't working. I talked to the dealer who simply replied, "It must have a slow leak. Just get it filled and it should last the summer." NOT what I wanted to hear! I liked the truck originally, but after driving it and finding the A/C problem (as well as another possible engine problem) I decided to pass on this truck.

However, the trip was not a total loss as it gave me some insight into some people's lives. Many people have a "slow leak" in their spiritual lives. They are OK for a while, then the power slowly slips out of them. Why? I believe that it is because of a faulty prayer life. We are called to be a people of prayer. Without this continual communication with God, we slowly lose our spiritual fervor. In his book, "Prayer, the Key to Revival", Paul Cho (who at the writing of this book in 1984 pastored a congregation of over 800,000 in Korea) says that if he didn't spend at least an hour a day in prayer (at the beginning of his day) there would be no way for him to do all that was required of him. Why? Without prayer he would be working on his strength alone. With prayer, he has the vast resources of God on his side.

I realize that none of us will probably ever be the pastor of a congregation nearly that large, but the concept still remains--what ever we do, we can do it better with God's resources at our disposal. God is waiting patiently for us to come into communion with Him and to truly seek to do His will. It doesn't matter if you are a pastor or an auto mechanic. Whatever you do, you will be stronger if you spend time alone with God each day.

It is time for God's people to get rid of any slow leaks in their spiritual lives and get busy praying! Prayer is not only the key to revival, it is the key to keeping any revival going! So, instead of getting an occasional recharge, let us all strive to keep our spiritual tanks full with daily communion with our Father in prayer!

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