Thursday, July 16, 2009


Everyone needs a vacation! Amy and I originally planned a trip up into Canada, but since I didn't get my passport, that was unable to happen. Now we are planning various "day trips" (though some of them are actually overnight trips!) The fact is, just getting up and realizing that there is nothing that HAS to be done is a vacation in itself.

In America, we tend toward "busy-ness." Taking the time to relax and "do nothing" is a way for us to recharge ourselves for the busy-ness of everyday life. Taking the dogs to the dog park and then to PetSmart for a bath (after Kizzy decided that laying in a mud puddle was a VERY fun thing to do!) is cathartic.

I tend toward busy-ness and therefore I need this time of relaxation more that I realize. I even thought about not taking the time to write this post, but as I sat here I realized that I wanted to take the time to reflect on the value of rest. I used to live by the mantra "better to burn out than rust out!" but I now know that it is better to take care of myself in such a way that I do neither.

So, take a vacation--even if it is just to simply take the time to do nothing. You deserve it and you NEED it!

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Rosella said...

Please enjoy it. It is the best thing a pastor can do for his congregation. Hard to do when you see who goes in the church door and have to turn you head..but do it. And give Kizzy another run..maybe this time you could rent her a couple of sheep and you can stand guard over the mudhole!