Monday, July 27, 2009

Learning From Kizzy

For those of you who don't know Kizzy, she is my Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix dog. She has done a lot for me over the last few months. I walk more and therefore have lost a little weight. She has helped me pick up after myself better (so to be out of her reach). But now she is teaching me something new.

Kizzy is a picky eater (not at all our other dog Sig who is a walking Garbage Disposal!). So picky in fact that at times she will get sick at her stomach and (is there a delicate way to say this?) "spew" bile. It is a nasty thing to clean up and the only reason it happens is because she hasn't eaten (so I was informed by our vet). I have learned what she will eat in the morning and we are beginning to solve the problem. She gets something she likes best in the morning and her regular food after we are sure that her tummy is OK.

So what has she taught me? That even though we Christians need to eat from the Bread of Life on a regular basis, many don't. They are becoming spiritually sick simply from lack of the spiritual practice of Bible study. They don't like the "hard stuff" and only want the the "soft food" of the Word. Because so many are rejecting the harder truths, I now realize that I have to give "baby food" first and then as they get accustomed to that, I can move on to the harder stuff. We have become so lax in Bible study as the body of believers that what was once considered "general knowledge" is in no way general knowledge.

I am preaching this summer on "Basic Training." Starting with the basic truths of God's Word so that later we can deal with the tougher truths of God's Word. I believe that this is the only way for any congregation to grow. When EVERYONE is on the same page. So, the basic stuff for now, but watch out the tough stuff is coming!

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