Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Awareness Test

First take the following test (courtesy of youtube).

Now, be honest, did you see the bear? I thought not! I have yet to find any person who sees the bear the first time they see the video. It is an example of how we get so focused on one thing that we completely miss others.

For me, it is a picture of the church that is in survival mode. The church is so worried about keeping their doors open, about bringing people for numbers sake (after all, more people means more giving) that they forget the whole reason that the church exists. The "moon walking bear" in the church is the mission of the church. We are to seek and save the lost, not simply keep our doors open so some might enter in!

So what about it? Isn't it time we quit focusing on the wrong things so that we can focus on what really matters? (In case you were wondering, that IS a rhetorical question!)

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