Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time to Get Out of the Stands

The Texas Tech football team has an interesting side story this season. I student who was picked to kick a field goal to earn free rent for a year has been added to the team! After winning the free rent, the Texas Tech coach offered him a position as kicker (the current kicker was having problems). He went on to kick 9 extra points in his first game and he had 4 extra points and two field goals in his second game (though he did have a third field goal attempt blocked.)

How amazing is this? I kid comes to the game to watch and now he is an integral part of an undefeated team that just beat the number one team in the country! Can you even imagine what is going through this young man’s heart and mind? How did I get here, can this be true?

I think that the Lord is calling for all of us to get out of the stands and onto the field! We have the ability to step in and do what the Lord is calling us to do (because it is, after all, the Lord that gives us those gifts). What we all too often lack is the desire to become a part of the action. It is high time we stopped being simply a face in the crowd and took our rightful place on the playing field. Will we always be successful? Yes and no. We will have setbacks (like a blocked field goal), but when we trust in the Lord and give Him our best, we will see many more successes than failures.

Here comes Coach Jesus, He is asking you to get out of the stands and come play for Him. What is your answer? In the words of John Fogerty, “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play today!”

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