Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday was a day of cooking, eating, parade and football watching. What was almost forgot was being thankful! Trying to get to food on the table (with everything at the right temperature) is always a challenge.

As I reflect today, I realize how much time I spent preparing for the meal (and suffering from the after-effects) and how little time I actually spent being thankful!

This post is my attempt to fix that. I have a wonderful family. We are healthy, relatively happy, and actually like each other. I am blessed to serve a congregation in a beautiful area of New Jersey. I have turkey left over for sandwiches (my favorite way to eat turkey). I have more than a few treats that still haven't been tried yet.

I am very blessed. I intend to work harder to make sure others in my area can share these same blessings. We are in tough times. Our congregation helped a few families have a better Thanksgiving--that is not enough. People who need help at Thanksgiving most likely need help more than once time a year. How do we plan to help? I don't know, but I do know that we must find a way to share our blessings more than we currently do. True thanksgiving to God has to include reaching out with His love to those in need--and not just at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So, here is my goal--starting now, I need to lead in such a way as to help those who need help. Food to the hungry, clothes to the naked, peace to the stressed, home for the homeless, friendship to the friendless, and grace to all.

If I can do those things, then true thanksgiving will happen!

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Rosella said...

Peace to the stressed and friend to the friendless. Grace to all. You are uniquely gifted for that job. Many can provide food, clothes and shelter, but use your special gift from God to bring peace and friendship. Blessings on all ministers in this special time of the Christian year. They can set the tone for all of us, a daunting task and rare privilege given them by God