Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beginnings and Endings

It seems that the two events that bring the most people to a church (or back to the church) are births and deaths, beginnings and endings. It is good that so many people come with their children to have them baptized and it is also good that many want to be back in the church for their funeral. But what about the in-between-times? Don’t people realize that the Lord wants to see them during the rest of their lives?

We have unfortunately become an increasingly busy society; too busy to do the things that matter most. We run here and there for meetings, ballgames, and family obligations while we ignore the greatest obligation of all—the Lord. I am in a situation right now where I only get to physically see Amy for just a few days a month. It is hard. I love her very much and not being able to be with her is a hole that nothing else can fill. I talk to her daily and even get to see her a few times a week (the magic of webcams!) but it isn’t really the same. I miss holding hands, talking about everything and nothing, and her help in so many ways that I can’t even begin to list them all!

How do we think the Lord feels when we neglect to spend time with Him? I can only believe that He misses our time together and looks forward to the time when we will return and spend our time with Him.

We are busy people, but that is absolutely no reason to ignore the ones we love and the ones who love us, especially the One who loved us so much He gave EVERYTHING for us. Don’t you think it is time for all of us to spend the in-between-times with Him? I do!


Amy Florence said...

I'm touched by your sweet comments about me. I missed getting to show you the ornaments I bought today too. It's not quite the same as telling you about them over the phone.
It is strange how people are so eager to have their child baptized in the church and then never come back (thinking of a particular Scottish lass right now). Then the same thing happens when they die. I guess they figure that's enough. Too bad, because they're missing a lot.

Rosella said...

You are absolutely right. I knew the seperation was going to be really hard for you and I am glad you have a congregations needs to keep you busy. But, why do we forget God wants to see us and spend time with us, as badly as we want to spend time with our loved ones. Maybe the financial and moral decline we find ourselves recongnizing will bring us up short and make us realize what is really important in our lives and go to the Father for comfort, advice and even remember to praise and thank Him and just talk to Him. (I know, that is not inclusive language)
Thank you for pointing that out. I hope some of these blogs find their way into the church newspaper. If they don't, you are wasting a good opportunity. BTW, I would love to receive that paper.