Friday, October 31, 2008

Is The Bible True?

Yep, and that is all I have to say about that! Well, that is probably how Forrest Gump would answer that question, but I feel that I owe you a better explanation. I know many of my peers will laugh if they read this post, but that is something that matters little to me. I am unapologetically a Bible believer. I know that there are questions that I can’t explain; there are passages that I may not fully understand, but this one thing I do know—The Bible is the Word of God, and I will never apologize for preaching and teaching the Truth.

We live in a world that has no absolutes. This is unfortunately even true in many churches. I will tell you right now, there are absolutes. The Word of God is true, absolutely.

This leads me to two questions. First, if you don’t believe the Bible is the Word of God, why would you ever spend three years of your life in Seminary and then follow that up with years of ministry preaching from a book you don’t even trust to be the Word of God? The second question is for the rest of us—if you do believe the Bible is the Word of God, then why aren't you preaching and living it passionately? If the preacher isn’t passionate about the Word of God, then why in the world should anyone else be?

Well, I know that this post will leave some of my peers shaking their head, and wondering how a Princeton educated pastor could say such things, but you know, it is OK, because God and I know the truth!


Rosella said...

I absolutely believe the Bible is true. The only disturbing part is this. Man enters the equation. It has been handled by man from the very beginning and it has been manipulated and rethought by man. So, I think it depends on how man thinks when he reads the Bible as to how he sees the truth. I do believe that with intense study and prayer, we can find a truth that is pretty close to what God intended. But it takes study and prayer and intervention of the Spirit to find that truth. So while I certainly believe in the truth of the Bible, and I know God is infallible, that cannot be said for man.
Preach on!!!God works through such as you.

Amy Florence said...

Oh, I thought I heard somewhere, recently, that it was a collection of stories made up by man to explain things that have happened in history. I'm glad you set me straight :-)
I do admit that we have a way of interpreting the Bible with our own set of lenses, but I also know that it has stood the test of time with many unbelievers trying to prove it false.
Mom's right, one has to study, pray, and be led by the Spirit to see what God's intention is, but we also have to remember that it is not a secret document we have to crack to understand it. We need to stop trying to make it so difficult.
Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.