Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Think I May Need Help

OK, that may be a little misleading (or true, you will have to decide). I had a member take me to his former church's rummage sale today. I was looking to see what items we could possibly use at the church and for people in need in our area. This sale is HUGE. The church gives away stuff the first day (today) to people in need. For those a little better off, they get half price merchandise tomorrow and the rest of the public gets their chance on Friday and Saturday (until noon when the load up the leftovers and take them to Goodwill). The Church makes about $12000.00 twice a year with this event (the money going to missions).

So, what do I think I need help? Well, I left there today with 7 boxes of cookbooks, 2 brand new pairs of Cowboy Boots (don’t sigh so loud Amy), and a set of Titanium golf clubs (including the bag and a rolling cart to tote them) all for $20.00, YEP, $20.00! The clubs were to have on hand just in case I ever get invited to play golf and the boots were comfortable. The problem is the 7 boxes of cookbooks. I took the time to count my cookbooks after working 45 minutes to find room for most of them on my shelves and I now have over 220 cookbooks. I know I will never read all of them even if I want to, but I hope to at least skim them for interesting recipes. I am thinking about starting a 12 step group for recipe-a-holics, but I am not sure that anyone would come (they will too busy reading recipes!)

Oh, well. I know this isn’t a normal post; it is just that I am feeling guilty for owning so many cookbooks that I will never fully be able to use. There are recipes that I will never fully understand how make properly. Now because I won’t be able to understand them all, do I simply throw out all of them or do I use the ones I can understand? I will use the ones that I understand!

As Mark Twain once said, "It ain't what I don't understand in the Bible that bothers me, it's what I do understand in the Bible that bothers me." We may never fully understand all of the bible, but my question to you today is, “What are you doing with what you do understand?”

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Rosella said...

Help me here. This was the day for people in need? And you needed all of those cookbooks? Here's an idea. Use it for a mission fund raiser, take however many cookbooks you have cooks in the church. Have each one make one recipe from 'their book', have a tasting dinner and donate the proceeds to missions. Make copies of the recipes to sell to people who like what they eat and then sell the cookbooks in the next church rummage sale.
I don't know about the cowboy boots, though. I will need to think about that sin. Yes, son, you need help!!