Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sunrise Over the Atlantic

For the third and final time for a while, I watched the sun come up over the Atlantic Ocean this morning. The sky had already begun to lighten up for thirty minutes before the Sun decided to make its appearance. What struck me was how fast it seemed to rise from the water. I was expecting a slow ascent, instead, the sun shot up like toast from a toaster! I was struck by the beauty of the surrounding sky before the sun appeared and how quickly those beautiful colors disappeared when the sun shown forth in all its splendor.

I helped me to reflect on my role as a pastor. The positive things that people see in me (and I hope that they see them!) should disappear when they see the Son. Just as the sky is simply filter the light of the sun to produce the wonderful colors only to see them disappear in the glory of the sun, I trust that the things I do will have people looking for the Son and when they see Him in all His glory, they will forget all about who it was that pointed the way!

Lord, please let me be the reflection that turns eyes to your Son, today, and every day. AMEN


Amy Florence said...

Oh Tim, you're the one that always tells me you were "so bright your father called you son."
I wish I could've been there with you to see the sunrise. Last time we tried it was too cloudy.
(BTW, I liked your message.)

Rosella said...

Bless you and just hang in there. People are listening and hearing and you are growing. Nice pic.