Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flu Shots

Amy was able to get a flu shot today at the Seminary. Hopefully this will keep her from getting the “real thing” later this winter. That is after all the reason to get any vaccination. You get a little of the virus in a small enough dose that your body’s immune system will be able to fight it off and then be strong enough to battle the virus when it attacks your body later on.

Well, I think vaccinations are a good picture of what is wrong in our churches today. We vaccinate people with Christianity and then they build up a tolerance so they don’t catch the real thing! We have a whole generation of vaccinated Christians (some attend our services and others don’t even do that anymore.) They know “enough,” they do “enough,” and they are good “enough.” Folks, that just isn’t true. None of us is good enough—if so, Jesus would never have had to come down to earth to provide salvation to us.

It is high time that Pastors, Sunday School teachers and elders quit being happy with people just being in the pew on Sunday and never really truly giving their lives over to Christ. We live in a society where we are afraid to offend someone (even if their very soul is at stake!) As I look toward my preaching for the New Year, I have a confession to make, I will be offending some people. It is time (at least for this preacher) to quit preaching only sermons that make people feel good and give them “little” things to do for Christ. I feel that it is important that I challenge everyone to truly give their all for God. You heard it here first—I will preach Christ and Him crucified. I will preach love, service and sacrifice. And I will do it unapologetically!


Amy Florence said...

Good for you. Just be sure to do it in love (I know that you will).

Rosella said...

You know the down side of that? You have to take a dose of your own medicine. But you are pretty up for that, I know. It is a challenge that I shall issue to my sunday school class. Why don't you send me a synopsis (or the real thing)of your sermons and I will pass it out to them and you can get two for one out of your sermon. Being without a pastor, we could use some tough love.
"ALL for God"? What a concept! You are radical, have you read Martin Luther lately or something? Go for it!!