Monday, October 27, 2008

Preacher’s Wives and Families

I think there are a lot of us male preachers who can benefit from the following video:

What do you think? Is it about time to give our wives a break? There are too many good illustrations to use that we don’t have to constantly use our wives. I know that I have occasionally used my family (I remember using my Mom’s cooking in a sermon once while she was in the audience and how embarrassed she was), but I am making a vow (that I honestly hope I always remember) to only use my family in sermons in a positive light. Funny stories about our family have a place in our lives, but not in our sermons. Tell them at family reunions or at the Thanksgiving dinner. The added benefit of this approach is that our congregations will see our family in a more positive light, and they will see that you love your family enough to refrain from embarrassing them!

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Amy Florence said...

Well, dear, I think you do just fine on that note. I guess the only time I remember is when you told the story about me plucking up the weeds (that were really seedlings) in my garden. But hey, I tell the story too so I guess it's not so bad. I think as long as you use the $1 rule for each time you say a family member's name (and "wife" counts as a name), then it would be okay. No wait, I changed my mind. With inflation I think the rule will now be known as the $5 rule.